DeutschLAN 2016: Announcement & Signups are open!

It feels like just yesterday we came home from last year’s event, and it is not quite tomorrow, but we are happy to present you the Highlander-exclusive LAN-highlight of the year:

The very second Team Fortress 2 DeutschLAN!

From 9th – 11th September 2016!

Natur Ferienpark, Nieheim Germany! (

A community Highlander LAN-event at the end of summer.
We will have enough spots for 12 Highlanderteams this year, potentially 2 more (uncertain).

Realtalk: What does this cost?
“Ticket” + 2 nights (Friday- Sunday) will cost you 100€ per person (+20€ for early arrival on Thursday, 8th), not including travel cost. If you need to stay until monday, you can do that as well.
This is slightly more than last year due to taxes and the park raising its prices, but still highly affordable in our opinion.
Details about where to wire the money will be sent to you via Email once you filled out the form on the signup page.

Signups are open now!!! Sign up your team here:

One player of your team (does not have to be the ETF2L Teamleader) will collect and transfer the signup fee from all 9 players.
To sign up your team you only need to transfer 50% of the fee (= 450€ + early arrival + breakfast-special) for the time being, the 2nd half can be payed later. However, due to the limited amount of houses and thus teams that can participate, we recommend to transfer the whole fee (= 900€ + early arrival + breakfast-special) right away. You can also transfer the money via PayPal for a +2% fee. (We withhold the right to reserve houses for Premiership-teams, especially the defending champions.)
In your reason for payment you will have to put the text that is sent to you via email after registering.
Please note that the tenant is liable for everything that happens in his/her team’s house. We did not have any complaints last year and want to keep it that way. We appeal to every participant to behave and treat everyone and everything with the respect and common sense. This LAN will hopefully not be the last one of its kind, we do not want to have any troubles with the owners of the park.

Every teamleader (and only the teamleader) will have to add me to ensure fast and efficient communication.
Every team has to have a teampage on (Highlander Team, Fun Team or LAN Team) with all its 9 players on the roster, ideally stating who will play what class. This is invaluable for our production team. There is no minimum requirement in terms of skill-level.
You will also need to bring your own PC/Laptop as well as peripherals and LAN cables.
Players that are banned from competitions of the ETF2L by our Anti-Cheat Team for longer than two weeks when DeutschLAN 2016 begins are not eligible to play at LAN.
We highly recommend you to inform all players in your team about this crucial piece of information

Sooo…. Where do I sleep and stuff?
In case you don’t know it already: the Natur Ferienpark Nieheim offers the unique possibility for teams to reserve their own holiday houses to game and sleep in. Most houses have 8 beds, so some of the players might have to stay in a different house overnight. While that sounds bad, it turned out to be not a problem last year with staffmembers and couples staying in separate houses anyway. Of course you can set up your PC in your team’s house.
The houses offer 2 bathrooms, 8 beds and a fully equipped kitchen as well as a small terrace for Barbeques.

I am underaged and still want to come.
You need to be at least 16 years old in order to participate.
Every tenant needs to be at least 18 years of age and has to check that every minor in the house has a guardian. These are the requirements of the MTA organizers.
The guardian and the minor are to remain sober for the whole duration of the event.
The parent, the guardian as well as the underaged person him/herself need to sign a document that states that:

– The guardian is a legal guardian by the minor’s parents’ permission for the whole duration of the journey (dates), as well as the specific participation at the DeutschLAN 2016
– The minor’s PC is free of viruses or illegal content as well as content that is not suitable for minors
– Neither of the two LAN participants is going to drink alcohol/ take drugs
– The document needs to contain copies of the minor’s, the guardian’s and the parent’s passports / IDs

We do not legally claim that the information given above is complete and correct.

Please note, that we do, to a certain extend, also accept “tourists” (i.e. players without teams). Contact Stinson_Out if you wish to come to LAN but not play and we will figure something out.

We are currently looking for sponsors for this event in order to be able to provide certain services to the players (e.g. shuttle from train stations…) and a respectable prizepool. Sponsors could be companies, organisations or websites. If you have any suggestions or contacts, please talk to Hildreth.
There will most likely not be a fundraiser this year.
Since we have been approached by quite some people that would like to contribute regardless, we have set up a PayPal account for DeutschLAN 2016 where you can send your donations to. Every donation made to this account will completely be used for DeutschLAN and not for personal interests.
We are currently talking to valve about adding medals for this year, but we cannot be certain at this point of time. Donators will receive a Supporter Medal, if those get added.
In the unlikely case we are setting up a fundraiser, your donations automatically will be added to it and trigger the perk.

Please send your donation via PayPal to [email protected] Every tiny bit helps us out a ton!

If you are running low on funds, you can support us by spreading the word about DeutschLAN 2016, for instance on social media or just in your friendslist. (:

How do I get there?

You can take a flight to nearby airports, like Cologne, Paderborn or Dortmund. The place does not have a train station itself, although some smaller ones are nearby (Sandebeck, Steinheim, Altenbeken). We are working on a solution to get you to the actual village from those stations via shuttle service or something comparable. To book a train ticket visit .
Some train connections are rather expensive, check out for a possibly cheaper and faster way to get to Paderborn/Bielefeld and then take a train from there.

This is the official topic for this event, you can go ahead and ask questions here. I will try to answer them all at some point. For reoccurring ones, I will add them to the post above.

Want to stay informed?

Make sure to read and regularly check the official DeutschLAN 2016 ETF2L Forumthread

You can also join our Official Steamgroup: